About “The PIT Blog”

Welcome to The PIT Blog, the official Blog for the #1 Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Group on Facebook.

The aim of The PIT Blog:

Providing in depth informations & conversation topics about the Pittsburgh Penguins & Hockey in general, which can be discussed in the Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Group on Facebook. Representing the Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Group to the outside.

Our Topics:

1) Around The Rink:

In “Around The Rink” we will provide in depth information about what is going on with the Penguins on and off the ice. An article about any specific subject regarding to the Penguins, written by an Admin, will be published throughout the week.

2) #GlorySince1967:

Starting with Pittsburgh’s first-ever NHL victory on October 13 in 1967 (Pittsburgh Penguins vs. St. Louis Blues 3-1), across their first playoff appearence in 1970 and their first playoff series win vs. the Oakland Seals on April 13 in 1970 – thanks to the series winning OT Goal by the great rookie Michel Brière #21 – and finally to the era of Mario Lemieux – the greatest hockey player to ever lace up skates – and Jaromir Jagr, winning two Stanley Cups in 1990/91 & 1991/92, followed by some tough years for our beloved franchise, replaced by the era of Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin and Pittsburgh’s 3rd Stanley Cup in 2008/09 …

… the Pittsburgh Penguins can look back on a long and glorious history, which defines what the Penguins are TODAY!

Every fan should know the history of its favored franchise. Therefor this topic will provide short articles about the history of the Pittsburgh Penguins! A history Penguins Fans can be very proud of !!!  #GlorySince1967

3) Inside The Locker Room:

In “Inside The Locker Room” we will provide you all the latest insiders, news and rumors regarding to the Pittsburgh Penguins! So stay tuned for news from “Inside the locker room”!

4) Featured Friday:

Another point of this blog is, to get new and old fans the knowledge and ability to interact more. Therefor articles, written by any of our group members, will be published here on Fridays.


Update (2015 – 08 – 19):

Due to some adjustments to “The PIT Blog”, the categories “AAA – Wednesday” & “Weekly Recap” were discontinued & its articles were allocated to the category “Around the Rink”.


Thank You for all of your support as we work on this ambitious endeavor, and we look forward to continue growing the best fan base of the Greatest Hockey Team in the world with all of you!


The PIT Blog – since February 2015.




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